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Konjac Gum

Konjac gum and konjac glucomannan are two water-soluble hydrocolloids that can be used as a thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent, film former and fat replacer in food, with the European food additive number E425(i) and E425(ii), respectively.

Application – Konjac is commonly used as a gelling agent to produce heat-stable and thermally-reversible gelled foods as follows:

Prepared meals

Konjac also functions as a thickener and stabilizer in bread, cakes, meat products, ice cream and beverages.


Konjac is as a binder in meat with the properties of thickening, emulsification, water retention and gelling. Meanwhile, it is often used as a fat substitute, e.g. sausage and ham. It enhances water holding capacity, improves meat texture and reduces the fat content.

Starch products

Konjac improves the gelatinization, rheological and texture properties of starch by crosslinking, agglom-eration and other reactions with starch. These properties are closely related to the texture, taste and quality of the food. The blends of starch and konjac have a better thickening effect and stability. Meanwhile, the gel formed by the mixture has lower hardness and elasticity. Adding konjac to conveni-ent rice improves the mouthfeel, makes it tastes closer to fresh rice.

Health benefits

Konjac glucomannan is nondigestible carbohydrate that was listed as a dietary fiber by the FDA on Jan 10, 2020. Dietary fiber has health benefits as follows:

  • Lowering blood glucose / blood pressure / cholesterol levels
  • Improving laxation
  • Reducing energy intake

Consumption of glucomannan also helps lose weight.

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