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Jelly & soft candies & pudding

Carrageenan is an ideal additive for making desert jellies as it forms transparent gels that are heat reversible. It helps set the jelly with a high solidifying and melting point. Gel is formed at room temperature, so the products do not require refrigeration. Low syneresis is an additional quality advantage.

  • Clear gel
  • Low syneresis
  • Cost effective
  • Customised firmness
  • Heat reversible
  • Heat reversible
  • Fully elastic and has no off-water property
  • The transparent fruit sweets made by carrageenan have rich fruit flavours and moderate sweetness. Besides, these fruit flavors are tasty, do not stick to the teeth and are transparent. If added to ordinary hard candies or soft sweets, carrageenan improves the flavor and stability.

We have a wide range of blends for this application. The blends are tailored to Client’s needs.


Jelly candy

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