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01. Alginates

Alginate is an anionic polymer that occurs naturally in brown algae (Phaeophyceae), normally present on the cell walls of these organisms.

Alginate is a structural element designated to be the seaweed’s main skeletal compound, similarly to the cellulose function in terrestrial plants. Thanks to the gel located in the cell walls and intercellular matrix conferring the mechanical strength and flexibility, alginate are able withstand the force of the water in which the seaweed grows.

Moreover, this function is reflected in the compositional difference of alginates in different seaweeds. Industrial applications of alginate are linked to the gelation, viscosity, and stabilizer properties that alginate attributes to the solutions and products.

The alginate shell is a special combination of hydrocolloids, proteins and seaweed fibers. Most often it is used for stuffing in a co-extrusion line.


Possibility of continuous sausage production

For vegetarian, kosher and halal products

Plant-based seaweed extract

Is suitable for further processing, i.e. smoking, cooking, baking, frying, drying.

Can be used in many assortment groups, e.g. dried, smoked, cooked, fresh, hanging products

Possible production of various color and flavor versions.

Due to the variety of application formulas, the alginate casing can also be used for fish, cheese, plant and sweet products.

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